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Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems will improve efficiencies, productivity and health & Safety within your warehouse. Reduce the amount of manual handling of product, reduce the amount of labour travelling around your warehouse and transport your product on an automated and energy efficient conveyor system.

4Automation have extensive experience with standard and bespoke conveyor systems  and can tailor a complete, turnkey conveyor system to meet your requirements, throughputs and budget.

From simple straightforward, A to B conveyors to fully automated conveyors systems with ancillary equipment and controls systems 4Automation have a solution for you.

We can also work with you on frugality and continuous improvement projects to offer the most effective solution, utilising and integrating with existing equipment where possible.

Conveyor sytems, designed to suit your requirements.

Tote and Carton Conveyor

Powered and gravity roller conveyor systems, ideal for tote and carton handling manufactured in powder coated steel or stainless steel for hygienic environments.

Pallet Conveyor

High quality pallet conveyor solutions, designed to handle loads in excess of 2 tonne. Solutions incorporating lifts, wrappers and stackers.

Belt Conveyors

From simple stand-alone belt conveyors for packing areas to heavy duty incline conveyors taking product up to or down from a mezzanine.

Turnkey CONVEYOR Solutions

If you are looking to add some conveyor systems to your warehouse, factory or distribution centre then look no further than 4Automation. We can tailor a complete solution to meet all of your requirements, integrating equipment such as spiral elevators, check-weighers, labellers and palletisers.

We know that investment in capital equipment, such as conveyor systems, can be a nervous time for a lot of businesses. Work with 4Automation and we will demonstrate exactly what you will be getting and a detailed timescale for implementation so you know exactly when things will happen.

Get in touch with 4Automation today to discuss your next project.