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Whether you’re implementing a  complete new order fulfilment system, upgrading an existing operation or looking for improvements to current systems 4Automation can help.

More and more people are turning to the internet to make their purchases, this has never been more apparent than during the Covid-19 pandemic and demand is expected to continue long after. The demands on companies to accurately, quickly and cost-effectively fulfill orders are relentless. 

To cope with the customer demands automation is a necessity. Automation enables higher throughputs, greater picking accuracy and higher overall efficiency.

Solutions from 4Automation allow E-Commerce retailers to process orders, handle returns, manage inventory and more to ensure that the end customer gets the best possible service.

Through collaboration with the client, 4Automation can create a fully automated solution to increase productivity through high speed conveyors, sortation solutions, vision systems and robotics.

Increase the efficiency of your eCommerce operation through automation.

Tote and Carton Conveyor

Powered and gravity roller conveyor solutions, ideal for tote and carton handling.

Sortation Solutions

Fully Automated sortation solutions for high throughput requirements.

Pallet Handling

From simple stand-alone belt conveyors for packing areas to heavy duty incline conveyors taking product up to or down from a mezzanine.

Ecommerce Solutions

We can take your products from the picking process right through to the shipping process in the most efficient way possible. Our turnkey solutions can be specifically designed and tailored to fit your e-commerce requirements.

Smart warehouse design and intelligent use of automation are critical for any high throughput distribution centre but even more so in e-commerce. Let 4Automation help you create an efficient operation with consistent picking, packing, shipping and return departments that ultimately let you fill more orders in less time and with greater accuracy.