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Pallet Conveyors

4Automation can offer a wide range of pallet handling solutions to improve the efficiency and safety of your warehouse. From pallet conveyors moving loads in excess of 5 tonnes in simple transit or as part of an accumulating buffer to stacker cranes, shuttles, pallet wrappers and robotic palletising.

Pallet conveyor systems are based on standard, modular designs to provide efficient and cost effective solutions. Alternatively, if your pallet or product, isn’t suitable for running on standard pallet conveyors there are a range of solutions that 4Automation can offer.

Optimise your warehouse with pallet conveyors and take advantage of these benefits:



  • Reduce forklift traffic
  • Reduce the risk of damage to product through mis-handling
  • Improve the safety of the workplace
  • Reduce overheads associated with moving pallets
  • Make better use of warehouse space
Find out how 4Automation can improve the pallet flow in your warehouse

Pallet Conveyor

Powered and gravity roller conveyor solutions, ideal for tote and carton handling manufactured in powder coated steel or stainless steel for hygienic environments.

Stacker Cranes and Shuttles

Stacker cranes, utilised alongside pallet flow solutions, can provide an extremely versatile and efficient method of storing and retrieving pallets. Pallet shuttles are a great way of utilising one conveyor to feed multiple lines, ideal for buffer lanes and outbound storage areas.

Pallet Wrapping

As part of any pallet handling solution 4Automation can integrate a pallet wrapper, strapper or hooder complete with pallet labeller to fully automate your process.

Turnkey PALLET HANDLING Solutions

4Automation’s pallet conveyor solutions can be used for a wide variety of products, industries and environments.

For a fully integrated and turnkey solution we can can offer a wide range of solutions including conveyors, turntables, chain transfers, shuttle cars, pallet lifts, pallet de-stackers and wrappers to meet your requirements.