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Fully automated pallet lift systems

4Automation can offer a wide range solutions to automate the movement of your pallets between floors.

As more and more businesses look to increase their floor space by adding mezzanine floors to their warehouses the need to safely and efficiently move pallets of product between floors has increased.

To meet this demand 4Automation have developed a robust design to safely and efficiently lift pallets up to or down from upper floors.

Utilising, where possible, standard lift designs we have developed a standard solution with our SmartLine™ pallet conveyor, standard control panel and robust system software.

All installed and commissioned by expert engineers.

Standard and bespoke solutions to transport pallets between floors
pallet lift

Pallet Lift

A fully automated pallet lift with a wide range of options. Capable of transpot 60+ pallets per hour, working seamlessly with SmartLine™ pallet conveyor.

Infeed ramp with shutter door

Safe & Easy to Use

Lifts can be loaded via forklift or AGV/AMR or with pallet trucks via a loading ramp. A fast acting, fully automatic roller shutter door ensures access to the lift shaft is closed off.

Pallet lift control panel

Visual feedback & control

4Automation’s pallet lift systems come with a main control panel, with Siemens PLC and HMI as standard. The touchscreen HMI gives a visual representation of the system, pallet locations and e-stops.

Turnkey Pallet Handling Solutions 

4Automation Ltd has the expertise and experience to design and install a turnkey pallet lift solution into your factory or warehouse. We will handle the initial specification, project management, supply of equipment to site, control and software, installation and hand-over so you don’t need to involve multiple contractors.

If you are looking to move pallets between floors then get in touch with us today to see how we can help.