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Conveyor Sortation Systems

Conveyor sortation systems are becoming more and more important to the efficient running of Distribution Centres, eCommerce facilities and Logistics hubs.

In general terms a sortation system will take unit loads mixed in size, shape and weight. Identify them, either through barcode scanners or other methods such as vision systems or Dimension, Weigh & Scan systems. Once identified packages are then routed to the correct outfeed point by the control system and transferred offline.

There are various different sortation technologies available, the correct choice for you will very much depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • Product sizes and weights
  • Throughput of the system
  • Available floor space
  • Number of destinations

Generally the higher the throughput the greater the technology required to manage the sortation requirements. For instance, 4Automation can supply a high performance cross belt sorter capable of handling up to 20,000 items per hour, on the flipside we can supply much simpler systems to manage much slower throughputs.

Fully integrated product sortation solutions from 4Automation

High Throughput Sortation

Fully Automated sortation solutions for high throughput requirements.

Standard Sortation Solutions

For lower throughputs, around 3000-5000 parts per hour, innovative product sortation solutions.

Wheel Sorter

Compact and modular sortation solution capable of handling a wide range of product sizes and weights.

Turnkey Product Sortation Solutions

Automated sortation is integral to a high speed and efficient warehouse, allowing product to reach its destination with minimal or zero input from operators. Sortation, in various guises, can be used to improve efficiency at the goods in area, the dispatch area and picking and packing areas.

The major benefits of investing in an automated sortation solution are improvements in accuracy of products shipped (removal of human error), a reduction in overall labour costs and an overall improvement in throughputs and warehouse efficiency.